Buhay Probinsya (Province Life) 
Hi, let me show you a glimpse of life in a Province in the Philippines. I am proud to say that I live in a simple rural life in a Province. Far from the traffic, fast phased life and glamorous lifestyle. Here, life is simple.

Laro (Play) - Kids love to play games they see around them. They may not have gadgets to play with but I assure you, nature is their playground.

Kinabukasan (Future) - People here are goal oriented. They prefer to read books, learn stuff that they know they can use in the future. We have big dreams and that comes with a big heart.

Pagod (Tired) - Students in the province go to school as early as 7am and go home at 5pm. They go home tired and all they want to do is either play or rest.

Kaibigan (Friends) - Province is where you can meet the most true and genuine friends you can find.

Sakripisyo(Sacrifice) - People here are the most hardworking people. They will do what ever it takes just for their family.

Pangarap (Dreams) - Even in their most challenging situation, people here won't give up on their dreams. 

Ani (Harvest) - It's harvest time! Carabao(water buffalo) is the most helpful animal they use in farming.
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